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Just quickly announcing my plan of accomplishing two goals before 2019. Goal 1: Develop fully 3D 'Return To Rom' game based on Rick Adam's 1983 'Temple of Rom' game for the TRS-80 Color Computer.  The game will be built in Unity 3D and will be available as high-end version for pc, and lower spec version for WebGL and Android. The 3D game labyrinth MUST adhere to the exact theoretical dimensions of the original Temple of Rom, using wall heights as described in the May 28, 2016 post entitled "Determining Scale and Room Size". Although I have a long ways to go (learning to program shaders right now and designing floor / wall artwork), a lot of progress has been made in creating dynamic walls and corner supports that 'grow' into position and can be modified as the game progresses (changing from blue to red, grow/shrink, etc).  These improvements really help speed up level/room building. Here are two pics of my current 3D development wor

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